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How Clarice Influenced Montag in Fahrenheit 451 Essay examples -- Ray

Guy Montag is a fireman who is greatly influenced in Ray Bradburys novel, Fahrenheit 451. The job of a fireman in this futuristic parliamentary procedure is to burn down houses with books in them. Montag has always enjoyed his job, that is until Clarisse McClellan comes along. Clarisse is seventeen and crazy. At least, this is what her uncle, whom she gets many of her ideas about the world from, describes her as. Clarisse and Montag befriend each another(prenominal) quickly, and Clarisses impact on Montag is enormous. Clarisse comes into Montags life, and flat begins to question his relationship with his wife, his career, and his happiness. Also, Clarisse shows Montag how to appreciate the bare(a) things in life. She teaches him to care about other people and their feelings. By the end of the novel, we heap see that Montag is forever changed by Clarisse. Montag never appreciated the simple things in life. He would never walk or drive slow enough to see the colors of things. Thi s bothered Clarisse McClellan very much. She loved to catch raindrops on her tongue, and she always left little presents for Montag to make sure he appreciated these simple things. Through her spirit and her small simple presents, Montag finds the strength to also appreciate these things.And then very slowly as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain for beneficial a few moments and opened his mouth..(Bradbury 24). Montag begins to see that no matter how hard life gets, he will always have these smaller things that he can enjoy. In the beginning of the novel, Montag thinks he cares about everyone and their feelings. Once Clarisse steps into his life, this changes right away. She shows him that the world he lives in ignores peoples feelings .They make games out of kill... ... chin. She tells Montag that this means she is in love. When she rubs the blowball underneath Montags chin she has a very different result. There is no powder. What a shame, she said. Youre not in lov e with anyone I am very much in love He tried to conjure up a face to fit the words, but there was no face I am Montag goes home, and thinks about this. He later realizes that he isnt in love, and would not care if Mildred died. Montag is influenced by Clarisse a lot. And, her impact on him is tremendous. She questions his whole life, teaches him to appreciate the simple things, and to care about other people and their feelings. Youre peculiar, youre aggravating, yet youre easy to forgive..(Bradbury 23) Through all Clarisses questioning, Montag knows that she is trying to help him. Because of her help and impact on him, Montag is changed forever.

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Analysis of Argentinean Debt Crisis: IMF and Government Actions Essay

The Argentina debt affected the country between the late 90s to the azoic 2000s and can be attributed to misdiagnosis and ineffective policy. During this time the IMF and Argetinas regime worked closely together. Previous to the crisis Argentina had been celebrated for its economic policies and growth. The government worked to put in place conservative economic policy, including the privatization of companies, looser trade regulations, among other conservative intensifys. Economic growth in that period appears to have been in large part the outgrowth of increasing amount of international debt. Before the end of the 90s, things began to fall apart.The crisis can be traced back to the 80s, where the country experienced extreme hyperinflation. The up-to-dateness inflated at over 5000% this was during the presidency of Carlos Menem and, his finance minister, Domingo Cavallo who attempted three ways to limit inflation. The first was a stabilization act with the backing of a large private firm the second attempt was to buy up certificates of deposit into government bonds (Nataraj & Sahoo 2003). After the first two methods failed the third option was introduced, this was to thole the argentine peso to the US dollar. To fixate the exchange rate, the currency board kept up dollar reserves, and could not change the supply of pesos without the same change in dollars as well (Sergio L., Eduardo, & Augusto 2003). By the mid-1990s, inflation had vanished but the government were unable to alter many of the concretionary policies that stabilized inflation yet hurt growth. When debt crisis began to develop, the government could not expand the money supply as a means of stimulating the economy, resulting in stagflation in the 90s (Macewen 200... ...e World Bank. IMF. The IMF and Argentina, 19912001. Rep. International monetary Fund Independent Evaluation Office, 2004. Web. 24 Apr. 2012. . Krueger, Anne. Crisis Prevention and Resolution Lessons from Argentina. Spe ech. The Argentina Crisis Cambridge, Cambridge. 17 July 2002. IMF. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. . Macewan, Arthur. Economic Debacle In Argentina The IMF Strikes Again. Foreign constitution in Focus Jan. 2002, Latin America & Caribbean sec. Print. Nataraj, Geethanjali, and Pravakar Sahoo. Argentinas Crisis Causes and Consequences. Economic and Political Weekly 38.18 (2003). Print. Paddock, John V. IMF Policy and the Argentine Crisis. The University of Miami Inter-American Law Review 34.1 (2003) 155-87. Print.

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Earthquakes Essay example -- essays research papers

I chose to research landquakes and the prediction of earthquakes because I was curious as to how they work. In this paper, Iwill discus the history of earthquakes, the kinds and locations of earthquakes, earthquake effects, intensity scales, prediction,and my own predictions.An earthquake can be defined as vibrations produced in the earths crust. tectonic plates have friction between them whichbuilds up as it tries to push a focusing and suddenly ruptures and then rebounds. The vibrations can range from barely noticeable toa disastrous, and injurious act of nature. Six kinds of shock waves are generated in the process. Two are classified as bodywaves, that is, they travel through the inside of the earth and the early(a) four are surface waves. The waves are further classifiedby the kinds of motions they incur to rock particles. Primary or compressional waves, known as P waves, invest particlesmoving back and forth in the same direction as the waves are traveling, as secondary o r transverse shear waves, known as Swaves, create vibrations perpendicular to their direction of travel. P waves always travel at faster speeds than S waves, sowhenever an earthquake occurs, P waves are the send-off to arrive and to be recorded at geophysical research stations worldwide.During ancient times very little was know about. Some of the ancient Greek philosophers connected earthquakes tounderground winds, where others blamed them on fires in the depths of the earth. Around AD 130 the Chinese scholar ChangHeng, believing that waves must ripple through the earth from the source of an earthquake, created a bronze object to recordthe directions of such waves. Eight balls were carefully balanced in the mouths of eight dragons placed around the outside ofthe object. When a passing earthquake occurred the wave would cause one or more of the balls to drop.Earthquake waves were observed in this and other ways for centuries, but more scientific theories as to the causes of quakesw ere not proposed until modern times. One such concept was recreated and advanced in 1859 by an Irish engineer, RobertMallet.Perhaps recalling on his knowledge of the strength and behavior of construction materials, Robert Mallet proposed thatearthquakes occurred "either by sudden flexure and constraint of the elastic materials forming a portion of the earths crust orby their giving way an... ...orth of the earthquake that occurred the day before, this time I was wrong, there weretwo that occurred near the San Francisco bay area and none within a 50 mile roentgen of my approximation. The next coupledays I predicted earthquakes that were within a 100 mile radius than were they actually occurred. From my experiments Iconcluded that predicting earthquakes was easy, you just have to alternative a spot on the fault. The only thing that troubled me andprobably most scientists, is magnitude, there is no possible way of predicting an earthquakes magnitude. Which is what we arereally essay to predict. Earthquakes happen all the time, but what we are really trying to figure out how to predict is when amajor earthquake is going to occur.I larn that earthquakes are almost unpredictable, and devastating acts of nature. I also learned how earthquakes occur andalmost all of the "earthquake dictionary". There is still alot more to be known about earthquakes that we still do not knowabout today. Prediction of large earthquakes is still under development, where prediction of small, unnoticeable earthquakescan be easy to predict because they happen mainly around fault lines.

Impact of Technology on Family Life Essay example -- Sociology Essays

Impact of Technology on Family Life I infer that technology has had both compulsively and negatively impacted the family spirit in our society. plainly I think the positive effects out way the negative atomic subroutine 53s. In this term paper I will focus on how kiosk phones, internet, and home security systems. These atomic subjugate 18 only a few of the technology that has affected family life. I will first talk about the positive effects thusly I will explain the negative effects. Communication has had a big impact on family life in our society. Cell phones pee-pee run short very popular in the past few years. oneness big cell phone that has been very popular with younger generations is the Nextel cell phones. One causality for this is because the Nextel phone has two way radios built into them. This makes it very easy for someone to talk to an opposite person, you dont adopt to dial up their number you save find their name and then push the button and then talk to them. Everyone in my family owns a Nextel phone. My p atomic number 18nts got my brothers and me phones so that they could hit a hold of us easier when we went away. When I was in high school they were nice because I could call my parents and tell them where I was going and let them bed when I was going to be home. Since cell phones are made smaller these days they are easier to carry around and such(prenominal) more convenient then stressful to find a pay phone and then worrying if you have money for the pay phone. The internet has a positive impact much same(p) cell phones. By this I am mainly talking about email and instant messenger. Email has had a huge impact on family life because it allows families to write each other that might not be able to talk to each other very often. Most email are palliate this is ... ...lso many another(prenominal) other sites on the internet that are dangerous such as online gambling sites that say you b utt end win lots of money. With these types of sites and many other sites that want you to give up personal information such as credit cards numbers, pin numbers, or social security number you have to be very careful and make sure that the site is a creditable site. There really isnt too many things that I can say are negative about having a home security system because it will keep your family safe. The only ones that I can think of would be maybe the headache of insulting it. Another one is that it now a days people have to get home security systems. These are just a few ways technology has affected the family life in our society, but there are many more then the one that I have told you about in this paper. And there are many more to come in the future. Impact of Technology on Family Life taste example -- Sociology EssaysImpact of Technology on Family Life I think that technology has had both positively and negatively impacted the family li fe in our society. But I think the positive effects out way the negative ones. In this term paper I will focus on how cell phones, internet, and home security systems. These are only a few of the technology that has affected family life. I will first talk about the positive effects then I will explain the negative effects. Communication has had a big impact on family life in our society. Cell phones have become very popular in the past few years. One big cell phone that has been very popular with younger generations is the Nextel cell phones. One reason for this is because the Nextel phone has two way radios built into them. This makes it very easy for someone to talk to another person, you dont have to dial up their number you just find their name and then push the button and then talk to them. Everyone in my family owns a Nextel phone. My parents got my brothers and me phones so that they could get a hold of us easier when we went away. When I was in high school they we re nice because I could call my parents and tell them where I was going and let them know when I was going to be home. Since cell phones are made smaller these days they are easier to carry around and much more convenient then trying to find a pay phone and then worrying if you have money for the pay phone. The internet has a positive impact much like cell phones. By this I am mainly talking about email and instant messenger. Email has had a huge impact on family life because it allows families to write each other that might not be able to talk to each other very often. Most email are free this is ... ...lso many other sites on the internet that are dangerous such as online gambling sites that say you can win lots of money. With these types of sites and many other sites that want you to give up personal information such as credit cards numbers, pin numbers, or social security number you have to be very careful and make sure that the site is a creditable site. There really isnt too many things that I can say are negative about having a home security system because it will keep your family safe. The only ones that I can think of would be maybe the headache of insulting it. Another one is that it now a days people have to get home security systems. These are just a few ways technology has affected the family life in our society, but there are many more then the one that I have told you about in this paper. And there are many more to come in the future.

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Free Catcher in the Rye Essays: Keeping It Real :: Catcher Rye Essays

Keeping It Real in The Catcher in the Rye The Catcher in the Rye is a story close a kid named Holden Caulfield who experiences some interesting things and people. From having breakfast with a couple of nuns, to being with a prostitute, to getting kicked out of take, Holden handles each situation the best substance he can. Some of the people Holden meets, he likes, but the type of people Holden cannot stand are the phonies. Holden had met a lot of phonies in his lifetime. Holden lived in a antechamber that was named after a faux, he heard a phony playing a piano, and he met his dates phony friend. Holden went to a boarding school called Pencey Prep. There, Holden lived in the Ossenburger Memorial Wing. This hall was only for juniors and seniors. The dorms were named after a man named Ossenburger who also went to Pencey a long time ago. After Ossenburger got out of Pencey, he do a lot of money in the undertaking business and gave some of it to Pencey and that is why the new w ing of the dorms are named after him. The morning after, Ossenburger gave a lecture to the students of Pencey Prep regarding how he was never ashamed when he was in some kind of trouble. He stated that if so, he would get right down on his knees and pray to God. Ossenburger kept on rambling about how one should always pray to God and to talk to God wherever they were. Ossenburger said to think of him as your buddy. Holden was amused by his speech, and he could just see the big phony bastard... asking Jesus to send him a few more stiffs. Holder abutting went to a nightclub called Ernies for a few drinks. Even though it was so late, the club was packed. Ernie, the piano player, was playing some tune that Holden could not recognize. Ernie was set in many high notes, showing off with ripples in the high notes, and doing a lot of other tricky things that Holden thought were dumb. However, the crowd was going sore for Ernie, clapping and such. Old Ernie turned around on his stool an d gave this very phony, humble bow. Though Holden thought Ernies snobbish attitude was so phony , he felt kind of sorry for Ernie.

Free Catcher in the Rye Essays: Keeping It Real :: Catcher Rye Essays

Keeping It Real in The backstop in the Rye The Catcher in the Rye is a story about a kid named Holden Caulfield who experiences some interesting things and people. From having breakfast with a couple of nuns, to being with a prostitute, to get kicked out of school, Holden handles each situation the best way he can. Some of the people Holden meets, he likes, but the type of people Holden cannot stand are the phonies. Holden had met a lot of phonies in his lifetime. Holden lived in a dorm that was named after a phony, he heard a phony playing a cushy, and he met his participations phony friend. Holden went to a boarding school called Pencey Prep. There, Holden lived in the Ossenburger Memorial Wing. This hall was only for juniors and seniors. The dorms were named after a man named Ossenburger who also went to Pencey a large time ago. After Ossenburger got out of Pencey, he made a lot of money in the undertaking business and gave some of it to Pencey and that is why the new te lephone extension of the dorms are named after him. The morning after, Ossenburger gave a speech to the students of Pencey Prep regarding how he was never ashamed when he was in some kind of trouble. He tell that if so, he would get right down on his knees and pray to God. Ossenburger kept on rambling about how one should always pray to God and to disgorge to God wherever they were. Ossenburger said to think of him as your buddy. Holden was amused by his speech, and he could just see the big phony bastard... asking Jesus to communicate him a few more stiffs. Holder next went to a nightclub called Ernies for a few drinks. Even though it was so late, the club was packed. Ernie, the piano player, was playing some tune that Holden could not recognize. Ernie was putting in many high notes, showing off with ripples in the high notes, and doing a lot of opposite tricky things that Holden view were dumb. However, the crowd was going crazy for Ernie, clapping and such. Old Ernie turned around on his stool and gave this very phony, humble bow. Though Holden thought Ernies snobbish attitude was so phony , he felt kind of sorry for Ernie.

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Organic Nomenclature and Functional Groups Essay

Learning how to name and draw the structure of the various compounds is the first step in teaching to speak the language of organic chemistry. Chapter 1 presented organic chemistry as the chemistry of the atomic number 6 atom. However, many organic compounds contain other atoms besides carbon that contribute significantly to the physical and chemical properties of the compound. Chemists c either these atoms heteroatoms, and the groups they form, working(a) groups. This chapter provides an overview of the rules for naming organic www. ochem4free. com 5 July 2005 Organic Chemistry Ch 2 73 Daley & Daley compounds.It also introduces the major functional groups that you will encounter as you study organic chemistry along with the rules of how to name them and draw their structures. The presence of heteroatoms radically changes the physical and chemical properties of the compounds to which they atomic number 18 draw togethered. In fact, the carbon heteroatom bonds and the carboncarb on multiple bonds be the main sites where chemical reactions take place. Organic compounds are arranged into classes according to the particular functional groups that they contain. Members of each class of compounds share common chemical and physical characteristics.The names of organic compounds are assigned according to the class of the compound as resolute by the functional groups. This chapter also shows how to draw the structural representations of these compounds. 2. 1 Drawing Organic Structures A two-dimensional structural approach pattern of a hydrocarbon shows all of the atoms with all of their bonds in the plane of the page. Molecules are actual, three-dimensional entities. Their structure is a major factor that determines their physical properties and the way one molecule interacts with another molecule.These bonds are combinations of champion bonds with hydrogen atoms and single or multiple bonds with other carbon atoms. For molecules that contain a large number of atoms or complex structures, drawing every bond and every atom is time and space consuming. A common notation developed to abbreviate the drawing without sacrificing the clarity of the structure is the condensed structural radiation diagram shown downstairs for heptane CH3 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 CH3 Heptane www. ochem4free. com 5 July 2005 Organic Chemistry Ch 2 74 Daley & Daley Taking out the lines representing the carboncarbon bonds condenses this formula still moreCH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 Heptane Heptane has five repeating CH2 groups, called methylene group groups. Because many organic molecules have such repetitive groups, an even more condensed notation shows these repeating units. Using this notation, the formula for heptane is as follows CH3(CH2)5CH3 Heptane Bond-line formulas represent the carbon atoms as the intersection of lines and as line ends. You assume all the hydrogens needed to complete carbons valences. The bond-line structural formula is the notation that most organi c chemists pick out to use. Bond-line formulas are easy to draw and quickly convey the essential structure of a molecule.Both the ends and the angles of the structure represent the carbon atoms. CH bonds are not shown, but you should assume that the appropriate number of hydrogen atoms is present to complete the four bonds required by carbon to have its octet of electrons. The bond-line formula for heptane looks like this Heptane Not all hydrocarbons are straight chains many are rings. Chemists use the same structural formulas for them. Because the illustration of the two-dimensional structural formula of methylcyclopentane is so cluttered, it does not clearly show the ring. H H H C C H C C C H H CH HH H HH MethylcyclopentaneThe condensed structural formula is clearer. www. ochem4free. com 5 July 2005 Organic Chemistry Ch 2 75 Daley & Daley CH2 CH2 CH CH2 CH3 CH2 Methylcyclopentane The bond-line structural formula is even clearer. Thus, chemists use it most frequently. Methylcyclo pentane Often, chemists combine the bond-line and condensed notations to shed light on a structure or emphasize specific features. This formula also represents methylcyclopentane. CH3 Methylcyclopentane Exercise 2. 1 Redraw each of the following condensed structural formulas using the bond-line notation.

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Psychosocial Orientation to Sexuality Essay

Environment has always been one of the major factors affecting our decisions and personality. Psychologists say its either nurture or nature which determines our personalities as we grow up. Nevertheless, our sexuality is also part of who we ar. How we act or esteem in regard to sexual answers is also developed as we mature into adolescents. miscellaneous social factors affect a persons sexuality. Primarily, it is the parents responsibility to make sure that their children are properly educated about sex.As a kid, I was oriented by my parents and older relatives that sex is a process designed by the heavens to unite married couples so they can procreate. As a young Christian, I have this notion that I was conceived by this process and only couples who were united by espousals have the permission from God to practice them. Talking about sex at home was actually limited if not restricted. There was a certain uneasiness enveloping the ones belonging in a conversation where a I wou ld suddenly bring it up.It was awkward in a way that my parents believed I was not ready yet to dig up the real nature of sex. However, I guess sexuality is an inescapable issue amongst children who are beginning to notice changes and differences between their private parts and their playmates. A suspensor of the opposite sex definitely has dissimilar body parts than me. It has always been fun to explore and observe friends parts especially when it is in a group. Of course, not until we r separatelyed the 11th year of our age. Suddenly, things were getting too awkward for us.My playmates were starting to get aloof. Others have stopped invitations to look and some just plainly verbalize, My mom said theyre private. How the privacy of such thing has never occurred to me until I was able to see certain pars of my body grow. Most of my physical parts were getting weirder each day and they did not feel comfortable at all. One of the huge factors which influence my sexuality is the de piction of sex in the television. Media have absolutely bombarded me with concepts that are in direct contrast to my early education of sex.Television series, movies, reality shows, magazines and even anime shows are transparent in portraying sexual activities as normal between two people in a relationship. Sometimes even same-sex relationships. Pornography is also widespread in our society today which I believe has a great impact on the fact that teenagers today in America are sexually active. In my case, it is crusadeable to admit that I have my shares of hidden fantasies and desires but one good thing that I am proud of is that I am able to control them in a decent way.Religion also plays a major part in expressing ones sexuality. It is widely know that Christianity does not allow couples outside marriage to have sexual intercourse. Pre-marital sex is a sin and is not tolerated by the Church. Contraceptives are also not encouraged therefore, if I were to ask how I think religion has affected my sexuality I would claim that it did not lessen or eliminate my sexual desires rather it remained as a mere reason to control it and repress it. The topic of sexuality is widespread among religious, social and political debates.It comprises of a general idea which is too sensitive to be disregarded easily. However, I believe that one has his/her own rights towards his/her sexuality but are limited to what the law constitutes. A person can be gay, lesbian or bisexual person but the mere idea that a persons sexuality is being developed and identified with different names shows that it is a psychological issue that needs to be studied more thoroughly. It is a subject too complex that must also be given enough education and aegis from families and authorities.

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Baudrillard’s ideas on the film The Matrix Essay

It has long been a condition of western culture to fiddle for the accumulation of material designs. This is in part due to the capitalist nature of the world within which we last. Marx identifies in The Critique of Capitalism the emergence of two recent classes of people, namely capitalists and crowders. The term capitalist describes any person who has personal ownership of capital, which consists of raw materials, instruments of work and means of subsistence (Marx).In contrast a labourer has yet the value of his labour (life activity), which he exchanges with the capitalist for a wage and as such the worker sinks to the level of good (Marx). Beca riding habit the labourer produces for the capitalist a commodity of greater value than that of his wages and in sum those wages ar paid back to the capitalist in return for subsistence, at that placefore social moderate in exerted over the working class, whilst providing the capitalist with excess commodity.The labourer consenti ngly becomes a slave to the system on which he depends. In addition Marx states that as the sexual congress between capitalist and labourer (manufacturer and consumer) develops, so competition between rival capitalists becomes app arent. In effect the capitalist is forced to capture more of the market by selling goods more cheaply by the consolidation and exploitation of labour power e. g. by machinery. Such a strategy ultimately limits the demand for labour and so new industries must be developed for exploitation.These new industries are necessary because capital exists only in relation to its ability to command labour and social control and as such they reciprocally condition the existence of each other (Marx). These forced increases in demand and therefore action are evident in the contemporary world market. Important to the development of Capitalism is the use of money which abstracts labour and commodity determine to a common social unit for the purpose of trade.In effect t he labourer discovers that the product of his activity is not the object of his activity (Marx) thus a level of abstraction occurs, which was consistent with the modernist values of the time. Karl Marx and early capitalism were brinyly concerned with production which remains important but it was Situationist, Guy Debord, who gave the first insights into late capitalism and the theories that best apply to right aways world economics and culture of commodities. Debord, in his book The Society of the Spectacle, bases his examination of commodities around consumption, media, information and technology.As such Debord suggests that in societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a face. By this he means to describe the world and its products as mere appearances, where the existent meanings and values of commodities are translated into signs. Essenti ally it is a world vision that has been objectified (Debord). Debord explains the phenomenon of the spectacle as resulting from the ever increasing production of capitalism.Because competition between capitalists needfully leads to an excess of produce, so consumer demand must be increased. Such an increase is controllable by the spectacle as the very consumer becomes a consumer of illusions, (Debord) so he fuck be manipulated to believe he must consume beyond the basic necessity for survival e. g. leisure products. Therefore the spectacles form and content are identically the total justification of the existing systems conditions and goals (Debord).The spectacle is mediated in society as information or propaganda, as advertisement or direct entertainment consumption, (Debord). The effects of the mediated spectacle tend to lead the consumer to an experience of alienation as the consumers want for commodities is dictated to serve and maintain capitalism. In addition the spectacle constantly reinforces itself, for example the television, which is in itself a product of the spectacle that is thusly used by the capitalist to implement the advertisement of other spectacles.Essentially the spectacle is the nightmare of imprisoned modern society (Debord) and explains the transition from the degradation of being into having to having into appearing (Debord). Jean Baudrillard took Marxs Critique of Capitalism and Debords The Society of the Spectacle to their conclusions with his own theory of model and simulacra. Similar to the idea of the spectacle, Baudrillard describes a world where the subject of everything has been replaced by a semiological value that has become more important than the original, real meaning of the object.This object he calls a simulacra. In Simulacra and Simulation Baudrillard adds extra complexity to these ideas by establishing a hierarchy of assumption, which he gives four orders. In the first order the object is a copy of an original a nd so rout out be linked to a basic reality, for example a photograph of an actual event. The second order of simulation misrepresents the original subject in the example the photography has been digitally manipulated in Photoshop to present a non-occurrence.In the third order a reality is recreated from a simulation of an original reality, when in fact, through the process of simulacra, the original has been lost, e. g. a guess is recreated from the digitally manipulated photograph of the original event. Finally, the forth order of simulation is the unite process of the first, second and third order to such an extent that the object bears no relation to reality or the original, for example the photograph has become a virtual reality. In this instance the link between reality and the signifying systems is almost im attainable to ascertain, thus creating a hyper-reality.It is the use of one simulacra as a nates for the formation of another simulacra that shows the first signs of relevance to post modernity. Consequently, in post modernism, everything is understood in relation to everything that has come before, which in design manifests itself in referencing. rank modernism is also concerned with the fact that there is no right or wrong and fundamentally that no real truth exists. It is of course possible for a sign to make a transition through all four of the orders of simulation, constantly abstracting meaning and widening the gap between simulation and reality. except due to the complexity of repeated abstraction and signification it becomes necessary for an amount of speculation and simplification to occur when examining transitional examples. If we take, for example, the now famous emblem of self-propelling company Rolls Royce, it becomes apparent the extent to which a symbolisationic object can be re- phoney, each time loosing a part of its original meaning. affectionateness of Ecstasy, designed by sculptor Charles Sykes and mass produced in 1911, is a cast metal emblem representing the figurine of a girl with arms extended to hold the folds of her gown blowing in the breeze.To the present day this emblem has been displayed on the bonnets of Rolls Royce cars and is the first order of simulation in terms of it being a representation of a real person from which the sculpture has been modelled. The object also references the figure heads of classic sailing ships in an attempt to convey the automotive product as an elegant, quite and reliable vehicle, which were the mediated associations with the brand during the early development of the company.In this instance the object enters the third order of simulation as a real event (model posing for sculptor) is created from an existing symbolic object (sailing boat figure heads) in order to be recreated as a new symbolic object (Spirit of Ecstasy emblem). At this point it is important to note that this example as an investigation could examine many more stages of referencing prior to the signs use as figure heads, though this could prove too difficult and inaccurate, again reinforcing the existence of a hyper-reality.The tea pot, designed by Michael Graves in 1985 for Alessi, brings the symbol to its conclusion. The tea pot employs a plastic emblem of a bird that is attached to the spout of the kettle and creates a whistling noise when the water is boiled. This creates a pun between the whistling of a kettle and the singing of bird but more importantly, its similar visual appearance (i. e. the wings of the bird and the extended arms and gown of the girl) makes a reference of Rolls Royce cars.Because during the late 20th century the values associated with Rolls Royce have matured to convey the brand as one of hap class and status, so it are these value that are associated with Graves tea pot, supposed to the original associations that Rolls Royce was referencing from classic sailing ships. Therefore the product has all the way entered the forth order of simula tion is it holds no relation to the original meaning that the original object as sign attempted to represent. Also, by referencing past signs, it can be described as a post modern object.Like Debord, Baudrillard agreed that simulation was important to the survival of capitalism as it, through mediation, can control the level of consumption within society. Baudrillard used the term valorisation to describe the process through which symbolic objects attain value. An excellent example of valorisation is Pokemon cards, which are essentially printed illustrations on card and so their use value is very low. However, via mediation, Pokemon cards have been given a simulated symbolic value that has made them plummy and powerful as a commodity.As well as design, Baudrillards theory of simulation and simulacra has also proved influential in cinema making, for example in The ground substance, directed by the Wachowski brothers. The Matrix is set in the future at a time when the real world ha s been reduced to a desert waste land by a war between humanity and machines after the invention of artificial intelligence. Because the machines are dependant on solar power, the humans have caused the equivalent of a nuclear winter by blocking out sunlight. This has caused the machines to retaliate by imprisoning humans in gel change pods so that energy can be extracted from them in the form of heat.In order to control the humans in this procedure a computer simulated world called the matrix exists, that all of the imprisoned humans are connected to, living their lives in what they believe is the late 20th century, oblivious to the fact that their real bodies are in stasis in the real world. The film therefore acts as a metaphor for contemporary western cultures. Firstly the matrix is an existence of the fourthly order of simulation in that it is a system of mere signs that are completely detached from reality, i. e.hyper-reality. Just as in contemporary cultures, the people who live in the matrix are unaware that they are controlled by a system through simulation. You are a slave, neo, like everyone else you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch, a prison for your mind What is the matrix? Control. The matrix is a computer generated dream world build to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this (he holds up a copper battery) (Morpheus talking to Neo, The Matrix).In addition the film suggests that the prisoners of the Matrix are also dependant upon it, to the extent that they will fight to protect it. Baudrillards idea of mediasation appears in the film when it is suggested that there was a machine spawning a whole race of machines (Morpheus talking to Neo, The Matrix), thus the social control of the machines (mediation of signs) increasingly exert themselves with every new generation. Interestingly The Matrix seems to offer a solution to simulation and social control by the system, which is one of enlightenment.Once Neo understands the systems and can see the signs (computer code) of the matrix for what they really are, then he can choose to follow a different set of rules thus gaining control of his environment. As well as a theological nates on Baudrillard, The Matrix tends to convey the story via symbolic references and thus is post modern by nature. For example the follow the white rabbit scene employs a tattoo of a white rabbit, which is referenced from Alice in Wonderland in order to convey the uncertainty in discovering the truth of an alternate reality.In the same scene Neo also opens a copy Baudrillards Simulacra and Simulation in effect reinforcing links to that element of the film. In conclusion, I have identified the main themes surrounding Baudrillards orders of simulacra and simulation, shown how they relate to modern and post modern design and have given contemporary examples of their use in product design and film making. I believe that such an unde rstanding of simulation has served well to better understanding referencing in post modernity.ReferencesDebord, G., (1977) The Society of the Spectacle, Black & RedPoster, M., (1998) Jean Baudrillard Selected Writings, edict PressTucker, R. C., (1978) The Marx Engels Reader Second Edition, Norton & CompanyBibliographyHebdige, D., (1994) Hiding in the Light, Routledgehttp//

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Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Essay

Macbeth is a story consisting of in honor complex, intricate and unique characters. Two of which ar Macbeth and wench Macbeth. It has been constantly debated as to who among the two of them has a stronger character. In my opinion Macbeth has a stronger character. This I will justify as I go along with my argument.Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as mentioned higher up have some(prenominal) similarities and differences mingled with them. The most common similarity they share is that they both a fickle minded and they can both be easily manipulated into doing/committing evil acts such as murdering a king just because 3 witched predicted that they would be king queen. Next, both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a very commanding and authoritative character which helps solidify the statements that either of them makes. In other words they are able to use their commanding personality to create trust and make mess swear them.Lastly, they are both very loyal and charming hosts. They both impr ess their guests very well and are able to gather lots of praises and applaud for them no matter where they go.Lady Macbeth on the other hand has a few strong characteristics as well. She is able to manipulate Macbeths mind into doing her will easily. Next, she is very ambitions which makes her very determined to get whatever she wants. But all these so called strong characteristics in Lady Macbeth are more towards the negative side. So I presuppose that it is not appropriate to call her as having a stronger character than Macbeth. Next I will explain why Macbeth is in my opinion the stronger character.There are many qualities that can be associated to people with strong characters but in my argument I have decided to highlight only a few major characteristics which are follows.Being courageous and honorable, thinking before acting, feeling remorseful for the bad acts he commits and lastly having courage to face the consequences of all his actions. courageousness and bravery are 2 qualities which are synonymous with people of strong personalities. I turn over that this is a very important quality to be reckoned with when identifying people with strong qualities because it in a way glorifies the character and gives more meaning to the word strong. So a good example to show this would be in the following extract from the story.For brave Macbethwell he deserves that nameDisdaining fortune, with his brandishd steel(Act 1 scene 1 conversation between sergeant and Duncan)We can clearly interpret from this quote that the sergeant refers to Macbeth as being a very valiant and strong warrior, he also says that Macbeth moves by dint of the battle field fearlessly slaying all in his way.Another quality of Macbeth which makes his character stronger is his nature to think of the consequences of his actions. In the story Macbeth thinks of what would be the consequences he would have to face if he killed Duncan to become king. He finds out that firstly it is wrong to comm it murder and also he finds out that if he kills Duncan he will have to live with a conscience-smitten conscience for the rest of his days. I believe that this quality is just as important as the above 2 because it shows that a strong character is able to think one step ahead before committing his actions, meaning that he knows whether what he is doing is right or wrong. We can see Macbeth showing this quality through the following lines.Cannot be ill, cannot be good if ill.Why hath it given me earnest of success,Commencing in a truth?We see in thorough this quote that Macbeth is truly questioning as to whether or not the witches are right and whether or not he should believe them. Which helps solidify the point that he thinks before he acts.Another strong characteristic that Macbeth possesses is that he feels guilty for the bad actions that he commits which in our context is the killing of King Duncan and several other people. But I believe that this can also be seen as an act to courage in a way, because it takes bonzer courage to commit murder and that too killing the King himself.Another way to view this is a positive act is that fact that Lady Macbeth compel Macbeth into committing this acting by challenging his manly hood, and it was because he wanted to keep his honour that he was forced to commit such a horrid act. On the other hand Lady Macbeths sole aim was to reap the benefits of this act. So I believe that Macbeths ability to show that he feels guilty for his actions and is willing to take an action to rectify those actions makes him a stronger character.So in conclusion I would like to state that Macbeth has a much stronger character than that of Lady Macbeth and that all the qualities that I have stated above make Macbeth a much stronger character than Lady Macbeth in all rights.

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Ecology and Environment Essay

1. Describe your topical anaesthetic and meet ecologies and environments. Before we can describe the local anesthetic and contact ecologies and environments, we lay down to know the meaning of ecology and environment. The relation among existences and the environment that they ar in is called ecology. During an organisms lifetime, anything that disturbs it in any way is called an environment. Local and surrounding ecologies and environments in the local area that I reside in are trees, shrubs and vines, wildflowers and weeds, fungi (honey mushroom), lichen, fish, reptiles, amphibious animals, birds, mammals, insects, snails, and antithetic worms. These ecologies require different habitats in the environment to hold out and make their being.There are a few different habitats that exist in Northern Virginia, forest, meadows, thicket, marsh, ponds, forest streams, rivers, flower garden, and regular neighborhood streets. Habitats are really important components of an organisms life. Organisms need the different shelters to live in. The forest can be a very big area that certain organism can live in. Some organism uses the shelter to hide in or move along so separate organism want expect them to eat them. The ponds and streams are important for any organism and any life form. Organism needs water to survive, without getting enough water to drink an organism provide die. (Northern Virginia Ecology) The environment that we live in plays an important part in the lives of an organism. The habitat (the environment) consists of shelter, water, food, and space that an organism needs to survive.2. List the specific factors that distinguish your local ecology and environment. The specific factors that distinguish your local ecology and environment is determined by the area that and individual, and an organism live in. Latitude, the geographic coordinate, and your elevation above ocean level are important factors that distinguish your local ecology and environmen t. Certain organism may and may not be able to live in certain areas above or below certain sea levels, latitudes, and longitudes. Other distinguishing factors of local ecology and environment in Northern Virginia are the types of forest, river, streams, and ponds. Types of forest in Northern Virginia are the Bottomland Hardwoods, Loblolly Pine, and White Pine.3. Discuss how human activities have affected your local ecosystems. First of all humans require so more than to survive. To survive we do what ever it takes to get what we need. We are what you call greedy in some ways. We all live in different areas of the world, and our need for resources grows cursorily because there are a number of us through with(predicate)out. When it comes to the ecosystem, it becomes imbalanced because of our activities, make it harder for different organism to survive. In my local area a lot of gimmick is being done to hold new homes and buildings. A lot of trees are being cut down to make way for homes, buildings, town homes, parking lots, and other construction. Because of the construction that is being done, the soil that is being moved end up killing the organism that live in the soil and the plants that are rooted there also.A lot of the construction is being done to build roads and buildings. The land itself is being changed to a more flat land, which disrupts the way the water flows through the land when rain falls. The activities that human are conducting are consequences known as abiotic and biotic. According to Tillery, Enger, & Ross (2008), biotic factors are other living things that affect an organism, and abiotic factors are nonliving influences that affect an organism. Other human activities that affect the local ecosystem are the pollutants that we cause. Polluted run-off is from sewage treatments that are discharged into the lakes. Washing cars, watering the lawn or crops all affect the local ecosystem. All these different pollutants can cause different kind of reactions to organism. If organism consume the pollutants it may cause death and to human accomplishable earnest health problems. Some of these pollutants can start the growth of E. coli on the beachfronts that disrupt the ecosystems.4. Describe the ways that global warming might affect your local ecosystems. The definition of global warming according to is an increase in the earths average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the nursery effect. Because of global warming and the increase in temperatures, some organism may not be able to survive in the local area. These organisms have to possible migrated to other cooler areas to survive. The local ecosystems change because the food supply need by some organism will decrease because of the changing environment. In the local ecosystem you will find that certain butterflies that use to reside here are moving or migrating to northern latitudes along with frogs and some birds. Over the next 20 to 30 years we will see a decrease in the mammals and bird species. I believe that global warming will have a huge affect on our local ecosystem.You have plants and animals that are use to a certain environment and when that environment change because of temperature increased, they have to adjust to the change. If they are unable to adjust to the changing seasons the plants and animals will become extinct.5. coition to other parts of the world, would your local ecosystems be affected more or less? Relative to the rest of the world I believe that my local ecosystem will be affected more. I agree this will happen because of a few different things. Number one, global warming, global warming will cause climate changes. In certain areas of my local area that require certain rainwater, this may decrease. If you have been observing the weather storms are becoming more violent and causing damages to areas that didnt have that type of weather before. S econd, human activity will be another cause that affects my local ecosystem. Humans today are conducting construction more a more trying to create job, build cooperation, and roads. In the construction process, trees are being destroyed, lakes and streams are being drained and moved to different places.By destroying the trees organism are left without shelter food and other habitats that secure their survival. In our everyday activity we are polluting the water with the everyday washing of cars, and the drainage of sewers that eventually drain over into the lakes and streams kills the fish and causing the build up of algae that is causing death and serious sickness to wildlife and humans. In conclusion, we have to learn more about the environment and how it affects the ecosystem. All the changes that we make in the environment will affect something or someone. To save our ecosystem and environment we have to ask is this change really worth it. Global warming is already making a big impact on our world and if we continue to make the changes we are, the health of the world will continue to decline.

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Respectable Citizens: Gender, Family and Unemployment

Respectable Citizens Gender, Family and Unemploy ment in Ontarios Great Depression By Lara Campbell A Re situation Lara Campbells, professor of history at Simon Frasier University, book Respectable Citizens Gender, Family and Unemployment in Ontarios Great Depression (published in 2009) issues a thoroughly researched witness at an often looked over topic in regards to the Great Depression gender. Her beginning introductory chapter sets the charge of this book and she takes time to consider the strengths and weaknesses of her thoroughly used sources.This over construe of the book provides the reader with a well formatted look into her topics of intelligence namely the aspects of the welfare state, labour, and gender identity and taking into custody. Campbell divides her book into five primary chapters each of which discuss a variety of issues and themes supplemented thoroughly with examples of accounts. Chapter one demonstrates the snappy role which women, particularly as mothe rs, played within the home in order to ensure economic survival. Additionally, this chapter discusses the influence and importance of societys view of just what a good wife/mother was including class differences.Survival through domestic work (e. g. nutrition, clothing, keeping house, budgeting) and informal labour (e. g. winning in laundry, sewing, prostitution, taking boarders) served as staples for women and mothers alike during this era. Campbell also discusses and provides insights on the matters of single motherhood, employed married women who were handsomely subject to public ire for taking the jobs of men especially if their keep up also had a job and women deserting their families. This chapter, much like the second focuses on the roles, duties and expectations placed upon women and men in regards to their families.Chapter two continues on such topic with its focus being on men. This particular chapter demonstrates the stresses placed upon the family as men the quintic ental bread-winners were increasingly unable to fill their role and were forced to endure searches for work and resulted in demands of kindly entitlement. Campbell spends particular attention to the humiliation of men in accepting relief money and as well as the concept of being unable to provide and fill their role as husbands and fathers leading to suicide.Chapter three canvases the contributions and involvements of the youth with their families through, primarily, informal and formal labour along with theft and black market dealings. It can be seen in this chapter the weighting of school against economic need many for going schooling due to lack of clothing, supplies and duty to the family. As the chapter progresses Campbell demonstrates the requirements placed upon the sons and daughters even as they reached large(p)hood and the conflicts it generated between parent and child through the various acts employed by the state (e. . Parents sustainment Act). The subject of illeg itimate children and abortions is also discussed as Campbell portrays the pith the Depression had upon marriage rates. Chapters four and five, much like chapters one and two, share similarities in their subject matter both chapters discuss protect, state policy and provide at length. In chapter four Campbell focuses on the stresses and their effects on both men and women in the home, including domestic abuse, and towards the state (e. g. eviction protests, meetings and political mobilization).Chapter five builds on the themes of protests toward the state and the variables of such things as gender (largely traditional in nature), ethnicity and class that shaped such matters like child welfare and rightful claims. By large Campbell explores the identity of Canadians during the Great Depression through gender and family. She depicts and discusses the traditional notions of the Bread-Winner husband and the Good wife and mother both characters that provide and sustain the families in lively ways and the reflection the trials of the era presented such Respectable Citizens with.The main method of asserting these notions being through her extensive use of accounts from government documents, court records, newspapers, memoirs, plays, and interviews with women and men who lived in Ontario during the 1930s. Campbells focus on the hardships faced during the economic crisis allows for one to neatly achieve insight into the gendered dynamics that took place within the families of Ontarios lives. She draws little so on the notion of Canadian Britishness but more so on how such a foundation influenced the actions of the people in what was to be comprehend as the fundamental aspects of the man and women of the house.Campbells focus on the family-sphere demonstrates not only aspects of class structure and gender norms but the states view on them. She reports that often mothers were the unsung heads of house that not only fed, cleaned, clothed and nurtured but took stock of every item and ensured that every penny eared or received was used to its full capacity (this aspect being the chief discussion topic in chapter one). Additionally, she presents the societal view of class standards of women as the consumers of society.Poor or low class women often lectured on the supposed simplicities of keeping house and, perhaps famously, making do, while the middle to high class women were reportedly encouraged to spend what money was available to them for the purpose of keeping the Canadian market going as opposed to their counterparts who praised for making a dollar do the work of five (as praised by the father of Mary Cleevson about his wife on page 26 of Campbells book). Campbell also goes into detail of the effectiveness of the various acts put in place during the 1930s to supplement earnings and the survivability of a family.These entitlements, while for a number of men were seen as humiliating to receive as it was a show against their ability to provide , served to identify that which adult (primarily parents) were entitled too by virtue of some nature of service. The Parents Maintenance Act is a good example of this a parent or set of parents were able to call upon the court and demand payment due to them from their adult children under the basis that their sons and daughters owed a debt to them simply for being their parents.There were of course, as Campbell does not fail to provide examples for, cases in which the adult children were unable to pay due to personal circumstance or out of refusal by way of seeing their parent (particular the father) as lazysuch as the mentioned case of 52 year aged(prenominal) Harry Bartram in June of 1937 who was denied by one of his three sons the five dollar weekly payment under such a claim (as seen on page 98 of Respectable Citizens). Finally, Campbells demonstrates the somewhat charming penchant Canadians appear to have for complaining.Within the chapters of Respectable Citizens one is shown various instances in which wives and mothers of all sorts take the companys moral fiber into their own hands through acts such as calling the police on those suspected of prostitution, theft and selling on the black market and sending letters to the Primers of Ontario of the time George Henry (1930-34) and Mitchell Hepburn (1934-42) of the hardships that must face. It is this activism that becomes a part of the identity that builds into eviction protests, meetings and committees and political mobilization.Lara Campbells book contributes to the understanding of Canadian history and identity of the affectionately named Dirty Thirties by taking the opportunity to look past the issues of hunger and job loss altogether and onto the people more specifically. While she does take time to emphasize the job loss and economic crisis of the decade, she applies those factors in making an effort to comprehend societys reaction and how that reaction reflects upon gender roles and family.This an alysis clearly reveals aspects of the Canadian welfare state through well-developed topics and examples, providing a comfortable read for any who should chose to read this book. The discussion of state policy, relief efforts, labour and social movements as well as they altered family dynamic of the era allows for a clear understanding on a human level. Bibliography Campbell, Lara. Respectable Citzens Gender, Family and Unemployment in Ontarios Great Depression. (University of Toronto Press 2009).

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Beyond Rivalry Essay

During childhood, sisters and comrades argon a major part of for each one early(a)s lives, for better or for worse. As adults they whitethorn throw off apart as they become involved in their own careers, marriages and families. But in later life, with retirement, an empty nest, and parents and sometimes spouses gone, fellows and sisters often turn back to each other for a special affinity and link to the past. In the stressful, fast- paced world we live in, the sibling relationship becomes for many the only intimate connection that seems to last, says psychologist Michael Kahn of the University of Hartford.Friends and neighbors whitethorn move away, former coworkers are forgotten, marriages break up, but no matter what, our sisters and brothers remain our sisters and brothers. This late- life confiscate may be especially important to the deflower Boom generation now in adulthood, who average about two or three sibling apiece. High divorce rates and the decision by many coupl es to have only one or no children pass on force members of this generation to look to their brothers and sisters for support in nonagenarian age.And, as psychologist Deborah metal(prenominal) of the Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development points out, Since volume are living longer and are healthier longer, they will be more adequate of giving help. Critical events can bring siblings unneurotic or deepen an existing rift, according to a count by psychologists Helgola Ross and Joel Milgram of the University of Cincinnati. Parental indisposition or death is a prime example. Ross and Milgram instal that siblings immersed in rivalry and conflict were even more torn apart by the death or sickness of a parent.Those siblings who had been close since childhood became closer. In a study of honest-to-goder people with sisters and brothers, fortunate found that about 20 percent said they were each hostile or indifferent toward their siblings. Reasons for the rifts ranged from inheritance disputes to animosity between spouses. But many of those who had poor relationship felt guilt and remorse. A man who hadnt spoken with his sister in 20 years described their estrangement as a festering sore.Although most people in Ross and Milgrams study admitted to some lingering rivalry, it was rarely strong enough to end the relationship. Only 4 out of the 55 people they interviewed had completely broken with their siblings and only 1 of the 4 felt comfortable with the break, leaving the researchers to gather up, Is it psychologically impossible to disassociate oneself from ones siblings in the way one can forget old friends or even former mates? As brothers and sisters advance into old age, closeness increases and rivalry diminishes, explains Victor Cicirelli, a psychologist at Purdue University.Most of the elderly people he interviewed said they had supportive and friendly dealings and got along well or very well with their brothers and sisters. Only 4 percent got along poorly. Gold found that as people age they often become more involved with and interested in their siblings. Fifty- three percent of those she interviewed said that contact with their sisters and brothers increase in late adulthood. With family and career obligations reduced, many said they had more time for each other.Others said that they felt it was time to heal wounds. A man who had late reconciled with his brother told Gold, Theres something that lets older people put aside the bad deeds of the past and focus a little on what we need nowespecially when its brothers and sisters. Another reason for increased contact was anxiety about a sisters or brothers declining health. Many would call more often to check in and see how the other was doing. Men especially reported feeling increased state for a sibling women were more likely to cite emotional motivation such as feelings of empathy and security.Siblings also assume special importance as other sources of co ntact and support dwindle. Each of us moves through life with a convoy of people who supply comfort and nurturance, says psychologist Toni C. Antonucci of the University of Michigan. As we age, the size of the convoy piecemeal declines because of death, sickness or moving. Brothers and sisters who may not have been important convoy members earlier in life can become so in old age, Gold says. And they do more than fill in gaps. Many people told Gold that the loneliness they felt could not be satisfied by right anyone.They wanted a specific type of relationship, one that only someone who had shared their past could provide. This far- reaching link to the past is a powerful bond between siblings in later life. Theres a review process we all go through in old age to suffice whether we are pleased with our lives, Gold explains. A sibling can help retrieve a memory and validate our experiences. People have said to me, I can remember some with my spouse or with friends. But they only p erson who goes all the way back is my sister and brother. Cicirelli agrees that reviewing the past together is a rewarding activity. Siblings have a very important role in maintaining a connection to early life, he says. Discussing the past evokes the warmth of early family life. In validates and clarifies events of the early years. Furthermore, he has found that encouraging depressed older people to reminisce with a sister or brother can improve their morale. many of the factors that affect how much contact siblings will have, such as how near they live, are obvious. Others are more surprising-for example.Whether there is a sister in the clan. Cicirelli found that elderly people most often feel closet to a sister and are more likely to keep in touch through her. According to Gold, sisters, by tradition, often assume a caretaking and kin- keeping role, especially after the death of their mother. In many situations you see two brothers who dont talk to each other that much but kee p track of each other through their sisters, she says. Researchers have found that the bond between sisters is strongest, followed by the one between sisters and brothers and, last, between brothers.Sisters and brothers who live near each other will, as a matter of course, see more of each other. But Cicirelli says that proximity is not crucial to a strong relationship later in life. Because of multiple chronic illnesses, people in their 80s and 90s cant get together that easily. Even so, the sibling seems to evoke imperative feelings based on the images of feelings inside. Golds finding support this assertion. During a two- year period, contact among her respondents decreaed slightly, but positive feelings increased.Just the idea that the sibling is alive, that there is someone I can call, is comforting. Although older people may find solace in the thought that their siblings are there if they need them, rarely do they call each other for help or offer each other instrumental s upport, such as loaning money, running errands of performing favors. Even though you find siblings saying that theyd be glad to help each other and saying they would ask for help if necessary, rarely do they ask, Cicirelli points out.Gold believes that there are several reasons siblings dont turn to each other more for instrumental help. First, since they are usually about the same age, they may be equally needy or frail. Another reason is that many people consider their siblings safety nets who will save them after everything else has failed. A son or daughter will almost always be turned to first. Its more acceptable in our society to look up or down the family ladder for help than sideways. Finally, siblings may not turn to each other for help because of latent rivalry.They may believe that if they need to call on a brother or sister they are admitting that the other person is a success and I am a failure. Almost all of the people in Golds study said they would rather continue o n their own than ask their sister or brother for help. But she found that a crisis beyond control would inspire a rallying of some or all siblings around the brother or sister in need. Despite the quarreling and competition many people associate with the mere mention of their sisters and brothers, most of us, Gold says, will find unexpected strengths in this relationship in later life.

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Local Literature Essay

Personality is the sum of ones personal characteristics. It is ones identity. The teachers, to a greater extent than all other professional ar momentarily subjected to scrutiny to the minutest detail and observation by those they associate with. Teachers are judged more strictly than the other professionals. The personality they project determined the impressions they make upon students and colleagues. Their poise, bearing and manner of bandaging create a stunning and attractive appearance. Their facial expression communicates a friendly and amiable disposition. Personalities whitethorn be described as authoritative, weak, dynamic, or magnetic. Teachers personality must be natural and genuine, that is, impoverished of pretenses and artificiality. They must be consistent, true and authentic. (Corpuz & Salandanan, 2006 p.12)In the highly complex world of benignant relations, it is essential that the painsta householdg teachers be anxietyed not only with how students interact wit h her but how they interact with their peers and with other adults. But concern is not enough. Little can be accomplished until students problems pertaining to human relations have been identified. (Salandanan, 2010 p.18)Once the teachers is more aware with the social relationships among her students she is in the better position to select a technique for inform human relations. Toward this end, the teacher must first identify students problems pertaining to human relations. The identification such problem gives the teacher a basis for considering what techniques for improving human relations she might employ. ( teaching method techniques for improving human relations, p.459 n.d)No single factor can contribute more to an improved student achievement than the guarantee of a quality teacher in every classroom. No amount of classroom facilities and instructional materials can produced the sought after learning outcome without a teacher at the center stage. Quality is synonymous to co mpetence, creativity and commitment, contextualized in the teaching profession. Competence highlights a teachers adequate knowledge, proficient skills and trustworthiness. Creativity is a kin to originality,flexibility and innovativeness. Worthwhile values of compassion and commitment provide the fine ingredients that make teaching sincerely humane and enriched with a sincere feeling of accountability.Quality teachers can be found in our schools today. adequately prepared through quality pre-service programs and continually motivated to produce while in the service, their competence to teach is assured. The attitudes and values that they project in and out of the classrooms, in the home and community, provide positively and satisfactorily the resolve to the perennial search for quality teachers. As paragons of virtues and progressive attitudes, they truly deserve the priceless rewards, recognition and ambition of the whole nation. With full pride and confidence, every parent and community can lay upon their chests the growth and nurturance of their sons and daughters for a promising future. (Quality teacher, p.7-11 n.d)The teacher rightfully deserves to be enthroned at the center stage of either educational endeavor. She is the distinct ray of light that illumines the mind touches the heart and buoys aloft the spirit of the young. Every effort, scuttle or enterprise aimed to educating the young needs a magic hand to provide the much-needed direction, guidance and energy throughout the educational journey. Assuming a number of roles that a leader, counselor, assistant and instructional manager, there is no task that demands more waking hours, strength and attention than the teaching-learning episode.Competent teachers produce competent students. The desire to grow and learn more and more is vital to the development of an exceptional proficiency and capability needed in the teaching profession. As a concluding statement, a definitive teacher personality is a take in of one who possesses outstanding mental, personal and social traits. Has a strong aptitude and interest in teaching the young, steep in worthwhile values and attitudes and competent in both content and teaching methodologies. The teacher with a definitive personality is bound to reach the minds and touch the hearts of the young. (Aquino, 2008 p. 35-38)Travis W. Twiford, Chair Mary E. Yakimowski-Srebnick Steven M. Janosik Louis O. 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Interpret Marketing Trends and Developments Essay

The aim of this report is to determine if potential alternative hub airports to service the growing of Australasian and Pacific markets by researching and identifying consider suitable inroads into this large market for expanding and growing opportunities for Virgin Australias potential abilitiesMethods UsedA questionnaire (Appendix 1) was distributed to students attending Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe (MSIT) as well opposite data conducted to research feeler and secondary data from the Tourism Australia market profile. As well as conducting Risk Analysis from other countries in the Pacific and Australasian countries, which includes airlines and traveller statistics and deeds.When undertaking the questionnaires, the data was distributed and collated by answering question on what students pet as their haul destinations. As a result the outline was conducted that most of the students preferred Fiji in category 1 while category 2 the students preferred Malaysia that has the highest percentage of students followed by Vietnam and Philippines as their hub destination.Students preferred its natural beauties of its countries rather that its infrastructure, and rich heritage. As well as its scenic views and luckily 23 students arrest travelled internationally while 4 students said they never travelled at all. From the students conducted in this questionnaire students were almost 21 to 30 years old more than the rest of the respondents in this demographic.SourcesOther than the questionnaire, this report did not use any other sources but analysing a risk matrix of countries whether the profile status was able to be a hub destination or not.ScopeThis report looks at the opinions of students attending MSIT Mt Gravatt, and investigations of countries in the Pacific and Australasian regions for strategies to conduct major airlines services.BackgroundFrom this report it will be investigated by the pursuance elements of regional analysis in Australasia and the P acific. It will also look at the trends from the landscape of aviation analysis and the main key airlines that each countries support on using as its carrier. Demographics will also be analysed by the market performance of the country in each category and its destination ports and statistics.Establishing a performance on its international routes will be the key priority in building successful and stronger platforms for the future.

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Creative Nonfiction by Jhoanna Lynn Cruz Essay

On our first Valentine as a couple, he gave me a bowl of white nondescript flowers. They had a distinctly sweet dear faint scent. I had n constantly been a fan of Valentines Day nor of love like a red, red rose save that day, I became a believer.He t grizzly me they were papaya blossoms from his m otherwises garden. At that moment, I knew I would one day sweep up him. We had st impostureed dating besides when three months ago, only when I knew I would be female horse to his Leon. Why, he horizontal had a younger brother the same days as Baldo And even though they didnt fuck in Nagreb stick out nor owned a carabao, the town of Itogon, Benguet was far full for me. I start out unendingly enjoyed t distributivelying the Arguilla story for its subversive take on the character that ones family plays in a trades union but having been born and increase in Pasay City, I had no idea what papaya blossoms smelled like.I imagined that my new boyfriend had read the story in his Philippine literature class and meant for me to recognize his gift as an every(prenominal)usion. In fact, I imagined we would defy societal norms and go up that love conquers all. Instead of a theme song, our relationship had a story to live up to. It was a disaster waiting to happen. In the story, Leon brings his city-girl wife, Maria, base to meet his parents for the first magazine. His surly father orchestrates several tests of Marias suitability through Leons younger brother Baldo, who is quickly won over by her papaya blossom scent.The first time I met his parents was on the wedding day of his eldest brother. By then, we had been seeing each other discreetly for seven months, somehow knowing that no one would authorise of our relationship. In the midst of the round of drinksing of gongs and best wishes, his Kankanaey father only valued to know deuce affairs near me w pre move I was from and what language I spoke. I gave the wrong answer on both points. I was a Manilena and I couldnt speak Ilocano moreover, having only recently give noticed to Baguio City to rebuild my life subsequentlyward be approach shot disillusioned with the institution that had once nurtured my desire to excel. save no love lost, I was only their sons gayyem (friend), after all. It didnt help that I was wearing a leopard print spaghetti-strapped dress, which undetermined the tattoo on my back. I reasoned that the Cordillera culture has a long tradition of body art so they should appreciate the significance of mine. None of us knew at that time that I was already carrying a half-Igorot child in my womb (which, I imagined, somehow made me an acceptable quarter-Igorot for the nonce). Against better judgment, we decided to possess married.We were under the influence of hormones, of pregnancy, of the Catholic church, of Manuel Arguilla. We would have got cardinal a quickie secret wedding if he were old enough, or I, wais enough but by law we unavoidable his parents consent. Which they refused to give. For perfectly equitable reasons. They could have said, You shouldnt marry because he is too young (and you are ten years older). Or You shouldnt marry because he is still studying (and you were even his teacher). Or You shouldnt marry because he has a occupation (and you are snatching him from God).But instead his mother said, We cant give you permission because his brother had just gotten married. In the theology of the Cordilleras, if siblings marry within the same year, one of the marriages will fail. The community will shoot us if we allow you to marry. So I called my mother, who promptly came to my rescue, writing them a demand permitter base on a fallacy If your child were the woman in this situation, you would rush to marry them Im sure she was so eager to get me married off because she knew it was a fluke.What was close to ridiculous (though I refused to see it at that time), was that I was a self-proclaimed lesbian feminist. Despite all the tragic relationships I had had with women, I still believed that it was worth fighting for the right of a woman to love some other woman. What business did I have getting married to a very young man? And for all the wrong reasons. mustiness have been oxytocin overdose sponsored by the baby in my womb. Or a planetary coalescency exerting mysterious forces on my consciousness. Or, gaspLove Whatever it was, it came to pass.My mother didnt have to bring my grandpas rifle. But I had to do it all on my own filing the license, finding the Judge, acquire the rings, reserving a restaurant, paying for everything. It was a good thing his parents didnt allow us to tell anybody near the marriage that way I didnt have to invite anyone which lessened my expenses. I had to extrapolate that they had spend all their savings for his brothers recent wedding, where they had butchered eight pigs for a traditional Igorot wedding feast. And after all, lest we forget, we were getting married against their will.But hey, at that place they were, on hand to sign the marriage certificate in the sala of the Honorable Judge Fernando Cabato of La Trinidad, Benguet. The ceremony itself was quick but peppered with omens. First, when the court clerk asked for my mother-in-laws name, I told her Constancia because I figured that was where her nickname Connie came from. When I asked my nervous groom, he agreed. When the Judge confirmed the information, Constancia objected because her name is really Conchita. Judge Cabato made the correction and lectured us well-nigh how important it is not to make errors in a legal document. accordingly, when it came to my father-in-laws name, the Judge refused to believe that Johnny was his real name. When he asked for the rings, my groom gave him the little box, but when the Judge overt it, it was empty. The elderly honorable Judge sat down and asked, Is this a prank? It morose out that the rings had slipped out of the box and were floating in my grooms pants pocket. When it was time for the wedding kiss, the Judge got even with us. He pronounced us husband and wife and then said, No more kissing, its obvious theres a deposit in there Then he laughed hearty congratulations.I wonder now how many times he has regaled a ships company crowd with our story. At the reception in a Chinese restaurant, we occupied only one metre table, with only ten guests. The pancit canton was very good. We didnt get any gifts, except for a border copy of 1 Corinthians 13 Love is patient, love is kind love does not keep a record of wrongs It wasnt the wedding of my dreams, but the whole event cost me only Php 2,500. It was as do-it-yourself as DIY could get. That didnt include the cost of the wedding rings, for which I had to sacrifice some of my old meretricious jewelry.The irony of it escaped me at the time but for a modern woman on a budget, there was no room for finesse. Thus we began our married life full of contention, confusion, and concealment. We couldnt live in concert immediately nor was I allowed to be seen in their little neighborhood, where everyone knew everyone. A very with child(predicate) stranger ambling up and down the steep Upper Mangga Road would have been a conspicuous mystery. I continued to live alone in my apartment, with my husband staying weekends, and I pretended in school that my husband is from Manila.Im not sure anyone actually believed the drama, but I was bathing in first-baby-love, so I couldnt care less. My other Igorot friends assured me that when the baby is born, my in-laws would last accept me as the mother of their grandchild. But as I said, I couldnt care less. I was a Manila girl I truly believed that our marriage would succeed even without his parents approval of me. I was used to flouting norms and not needing anyone. And for his part, my husband argued existentially that we should live by the integrity of our own little family.You see, he was a Philosophy major und er the tutelage of deuce young Jesuit-educated instructors, who had come to the mountains from Manila to indulge their fantasies about love and teaching (in that order). We, the migrant teachers, smiled at each other in the College of Human Sciences silently acknowledging each others foolishness ignoring the fact that most of the other native faculty members looked askance at the three of us. When our daughter was born, we decided it was time to move into the family home. In the innocent presence of the new half-Igorot baby, all would be forgiven.It seemed the most practical thing to do. But I soon realized how naive we were. We didnt take into account all the new wrongs that could be committed while sharing one household. Before I got married, I had a dog a minatory mongrel I had named Sapay Koma, which is Ilocano for sana. It is both a wish and a prayer difficult to fork up into English, unless in context. Koma was my companion throughout the two years I had lived in my dank, quirky apartment the close witness to the drama and dilemma preceding my decision to marry. We took him along with us in our move, of course.But the volt other dogs in the new household didnt like him all that much and they all raised such a nonstop racket, none of the humans could sleep, particularly the newborn baby. The neighbors offered to buy him for Php 500. Igorots like black dogs because the meat is tastier. I was aghast. He was my dog, my loyal friend. If anyone was going to eat him, it should be family. So my husband invited his friends over to put Koma out of his misery. I locked myself in our little bedroom with the baby, while they did it. But despite the unkindly windows, I could still smell the burning hair and later, the meat cooking.The putrid scent seemed to stick to my lever for days after, accusing me of betrayal. I wept for Koma and for all that was dying in the fire all the wishes that had no out in my new life. I decided that this was the price for wha t Filipinos like to call paglagay sa tahimik. It took two hours for the meat to be tender enough to eat and when we all sat down to dinner, I was glad they didnt suffer me to partake of the canine feast. Yet I did. I took one mouthful, which I s circumventowed quickly without chewing, so I wouldnt have to relish the flavors. I may have had the stomach for it, but I didnt have the heart.I only wanted to show them that I respected their culture, even though in fact, I would never belong. Also, I was hoping that this way, Koma would forgive me for having failed him, for offering him as a sacrifice at the communion table of my marriage. This way, we could be truly together. For weeks after, every time I overheard my husband reply Aw, aw to his father, I would shiver at the prospect that we would have dog for dinner again. They had five other dogs, after all. Luckily, it turned out that aw only means yes in their language, Kankanaey. Besides, they only butcher dogs on very special occa sions.Ordinarily, there was always the savoury chicken soup dish, Pinikpikan, which features a similar charred skin aroma and taste. I was quite relieved to look that his father did not require beating the chicken to death with a stick before cooking, as is customary in the Igorot culture. To this day, I have not been able to care for another dog. I do, however, have another child. By the same man. Accidentally. It happened on Fathers Day, when we opinion having sex was a squeamish distraction from the confusion that arose from our growing discontent with the marriage.When we found out about the pregnancy, we agreed, albeit reluctantly, that it was Divine Intervention a sign that we should keep trying to save the marriage. It was not just the food that was strange. I couldnt understand why everyday, some relatives would come over and expect to be fed. I had not been raised in an extended family, and even within our nuclear family, we pretty much kept to ourselves. In my mothers house, we were trained to share through one for you, one for me, then stay out of my bag of goodies.You can imagine how I felt the day they served my Gardenia whole wheat cover to the relatives, who promptly wiped it out, because my peanut butter was delicious. Not that I was being selfish. Aside from the fact that I didnt have any bread for breakfast the close day and the house being a ten-minute hike uphill plus ten kilometers to downtown Baguio City, I fumed about not even being usher ind to these relatives as the wife of their son. They would introduce my daughter and her yaya, but I remained a phantom of delight flitting about the house. When I confronted my husband about the bread, he explained that n the Igorot culture, everything belongs to the community. So I took a permanent marker and wrote my name on my next loaf of bread.It was a Saussurean signifier of sorts and it was unforgivable. My father-in-law was a man of few words. In fact, my daughter was already two years old when he decided it was time to acknowledge my existence and say something to me. In the past, he would use an intermediary (usually my husband) if he wanted to get information from me. It wasnt too difficult because by this time we had already move to Manila and were living in my mothers house which was another disaster and another story.It was Christmas Eve and we were spending the holidays in Baguio City. He was watching a replay of a boxing match and I was playing with my daughter in the living room. He asked, in Ilocano, Do you have a VCD player at home? I was so shocked I couldnt reply immediately. He repeated the question in Tagalog. It turned out he was giving us the VCD player he had won in a barangay raffle. That night, as the entire family sang their traditional dapper Christmas To You to the happy birthday tune, I felt I was finally getting a fair endangerment to prove that I was worthy of being in their cozy family.In our six years together, I can think of more instances in which our separate worlds collided and caused aftershocks in my marriage. But none of it rivaled what I thought was the worst affront to me. My mother-in-law is Cancerian, like me, so her house is a pictorial gallery of her children and their achievements. She had a wall with enlarged and framed wedding ikons of her children. Through the years, her exhibit grew, and expectedly, I and my husband didnt have a motion picture on this wall. I figured it was because we had not had a church wedding.In fact, when we told them I was pregnant with our second child, they requested that we hold a church wedding already. They even offered to share the expense. But I preferred to save my money for the birth of the baby. However, given my theater background, I once tried to bring over my husband to just rent a gown and tuxedo and then have our wedding photo taken so wed finally get on The Wedding Wall. But he has always been the more sensible half of our couple. One day, though, a new picture was added to the wall. It was a studio photo of his eldest sister, her American husband, and their baby boy.It wasnt The Wedding Wall anymore it was now the Our Children and their Acceptable Spouses wall. It was their var. of the Saussurean signifier. The message was loud and clear to me and to other people who came to visit. I wonder now why it so issuanceed to me to be on that wall. I guess I felt that after all those years, we had been punished enough for defying the culture. Maybe I actually believed in 1 Corinthians 13. Or perhaps I also needed to be reassured that I was indeed happily married. I confronted my husband about it and demanded that he finally stand up for me and our family.And he did he wrote his parents a letter that made his mother cry and beat her breast. We each tried to explain our sides, finally coming to terms with the bitter past. They told me that they are simple common people and didnt mean to ostracize me that when they agreed to the ma rriage, they accepted me as part of the family, no matter what. I believed them. I told them I was never going to be the woman they had probably wanted for their son but that I am a perfectly good woman, most of the time. We tried to make amends. Our family picture was up on the wall within three days.Our kids were quite pleased. But it was too late. By then, my husband and I had been grappling with our own issues for the past five years. He had gotten tired of my transgressions and sought solace with his friends. After coming home late from another Happy Hour with them, I screamed at him, What happy hour? cryptograph is allowed to be happy in this house It was then we both finally realized that we had to face the the true about our marriage. By the time his parents were willing to start over in our journey as a family, we had given up on ours.Most couples find breaking up grueling to do. It was particularly hard for us because we had to convince his parents that it was not thei r fault. On the other hand, I had to deal with the fact that maybe my marriage did fail because of the curse of the superstition sukob sa taon that maybe we were wrong to insist on our choice. Yet on good days, I am pretty sure it was a perfectly no fault divorce, if there ever was one. Kapag minamalas ka sa isang lugar, itawid mo ng dagat goes the Filipino proverb. Perhaps the salt in the sea would prevent the bad lot from following you.So today I live with my two Igorot children in Davao City fondly called the promised land. Everyone is amazed when they learn that I had moved even though I knew only one person here who didnt even promise me anything. I just wanted a chance to start over. When we moved into this house, it had a small nipa hut in the backyard. The kids enjoyed staying there during the sweltering hot Davao afternoons, oddly when their daddy called them on the phone. But it was nearly falling apart and was host to a colony of termites that had actually begun t o besiege the house as well.My generous landlady soon decided it was time to tear down the structure. When I got home one day, it was gone. All that was left was a dry and empty space in the yard yet everything looked brighter too. We missed the payag but soon the grass crept into the emptiness and we began to enjoy playing Frisbee in the space that opened up. It was a Derridean denouement of sorts. Last year, we spent our first Christmas without any family obligations. It was liberating not to have to buy any gifts for nephews, cousins, in-laws. All the shopping I did was for my children.I was determined to establish my own Christmas tradition with them. I wanted to show them we were happy. I wanted them to grow up never having to sing Merry Christmas To You ever again. I decided to cook paella for noche buena as if my life depended on it. I thought it was simply a matter of dumping all the ingredients in the pan and letting it cook like the aftermath of a failed marriage. The n ormal was so difficult I ended up crying hysterically, asking myself over and over, what have I done? My kids embraced me and said, Nanay, stop crying na. But I couldnt. It seemed as if it was the first time I had let myself cry over what I had lost.I noticed though, that the kids did not cry. Embarrassed with myself, I picked myself up from the river of schnozzle that was my bed and finished what I had set out to do as I always have. It even looked and tasted like paella, despite the burnt bottom. But next year well just order take-out from Sr. Pedro (Lechon Manok). That night, my mother-in-law sent me a text message saying they are always praying for us to get back together, especially for the childrens sake.I do not know how to comfort her, except to keep saying that we had all done the best we could at the time that we are always trying to do the right thing that despite what happened, or perhaps because of it, we will always be a family. Of a kind. We are, after all, inextric ably linked by a timeless story and sapay koma. Each of us in this story nurtures a secret wish to have done things differently to have been kinder, more understanding of each others quirks and shortcomings. But it takes less energy to wish it forward. Sapay koma naimbag ti biag yo dita to hope that your life there is good.